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Make your meetings more async

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Working at GitLab – fully remote, asynchronous and distributed company – was a valuable experience. One of the most important things that I learned was the approach to meetings. In fact, remote meetings at GitLab were far more effective than most of on-site meetings that I participated in. Now I’m back in an office, but I think that many principles and rules can be applied in an on-site company as well.

ETag tracking and Elixir

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I am really fascinated by the idea of abusing ETag (caching mechanism built into HTTP protocol) for tracking users. It is not that I want to do in a real production application; I just appreciate how simple and clever the “trick” is. Also, not so many people seem to be aware of it.

Rails + Postgres Array + ANY LIKE

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Ruby on Rails has a good support for Postgres Array type. I really like using this feature when creating a separate database table sounds like over-engineering. In this short post I want to share my solution for the following problem: “find a record for which any of its tags contains a given string”.

Marketing for programmers

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I’m bad at marketing products that I created. Just today I had to shut down Codebase Health Check, because I couldn’t get enough customers in the last six months. Fortunately, you have a chance to be much better at marketing than me.

Don’t automate it (yet) - a story

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Programmers love to approach new business problems thinking about frameworks, libraries, tools or methods which can be used. However, my experience shows that quite the opposite way is most successful – postpone writing the code as long as it’s possible.

Integrating Tiddle with Ember Simple Auth

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Tiddle is my gem which provides Devise strategy for token authentication in API-only Ruby on Rails applications. Its selling point is that it supports multiple tokens per user.

Ember Simple Auth provides a nice abstraction over implementing authentication in Ember.js apps. In this blog post I will show you how to implement a custom Ember Simple Auth strategy for Tiddle.

Different approach to Ecommerce on Rails

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I always wanted to build my own ecommerce platform from scratch. That’s not because I don’t like to reuse existing code – I really love to. That’s because I believe that we can do better. Now I have a chance to do it and you can follow my work on Github.

Emails with “View in Browser” link in Node.js

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“View in Browser” link is a common feature of email campaign systems like MailChimp. It’s a really nice idea – when you code your shiny CSS-heavy emails you want to have a fallback for malfunctioning email clients.

But what if you want to implement this feature on your own? Read on to learn how to send emails in Node.js with “View in Browser” link and inlined CSS.

Two sad things about software eating the world

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My mobile network operator keeps calling me. They called at 12:13, at 15:46, at 18:36 and at 20:54. I’m using a pre-paid, so the only thing they can offer me is a subscription. Obviously, I’ve told them many times that I just don’t want it.

How is this story connected with software eating the world?