Adam Niedzielski

Happy teams create great products


Hey! I’m Adam and I’m a Ruby / JavaScript programmer. During my career I worked in a software house and run a consultancy. Then I transitioned to product work and joined GitLab to be a full-time open source contributor. I like product companies.

I worked remotely for two years, collaborating with people distributed across (almost) all timezones. Now I’m back in an office. I live in Berlin, Germany.

In 2019 I took on the responsibility of managing other people. I’m happily employed at Liefery as Team Lead.

I sometimes speak at conferences and local meetups. The most important past events:

  1. Brighton Ruby Conf 2017 – “Boring Ruby Code” – video slides
  2. Southeast Ruby 2017 – “Boring Ruby Code” – video slides
  3. Conferencia Rails Madrid 2016 – “Responsible gem collector” – slides
  4. RubyC Kiev 2016 – “Responsible gem collector” – video